Kim Kallestad

Kim Kallestad is Chris’ wife. She is the Chief Operations Specialist for Time On The Water. 

Kim comes from a Military family with her Grandfather, Ben Kallestad, serving in WWI, where he was wounded in 1918 in the battle of Chateau –Thierry, France. He is a Purple Heart recipient. Her Father, Maynard Kallestad, is a WWII Marine, who was stationed in Hawaii training for the invasion of Japan. Thankfully he ended up guarding Japanese prisoners on Guam. Her brother, Gary Kallestad, is a retired Columbia Heights police officer. 

In addition to working at Securian Financial, Kim helps Time On The Water with fundraisers, trip preparation, planning, and any other support needed. She is on the board of Adopt Me Dog Rescue, which is a passion for her. Kim is a member of Team Roadkill biking (cycling) team. These activities, along with four dogs that Chris and Kim have, keep Kim very busy. 

Kim is honored and grateful to be able to help make these fishing trips special for our Heroes who fish with Time On The Water. She has seen first-hand how these fishing trips help Chris relax and make him happy. It is amazing to her that Chris and the entire Time On The Water team is taking the time and the effort to share this with others.