Chris Hansen is the Founder and Director of Time On The Water. Chris’ idea for Time On The Water started in 2013 after he realized how much fishing helped him deal with anxiety from a TBI in April 2012. The TBI was caused by a fall while rollerblading with one of his rescue dogs, a pitbull mix named Jeffrey. Chris’ head injury was so traumatic that doctors thought he was beaten up. At Regions Hospital, Chris was put into an induced coma for 30 days and spent another 36 days in therapy. Struggling with PTSD, Chris was now experiencing levels of stress and anxiety he didn’t understand. Chris turned to his passion for fishing to start the healing process.

Chris had been fishing on Lake of the Woods, Sioux Narrows Ontario, Canada since 1988 with his uncles and friends. After the accident, Chris started taking trips to Canada alone with just his service dog, McGradie. This time away from the day-to-day stressors in Chris’s life allowed him to get his head clear and gave him time to think about how to heal from the accident. Slowly, Chris began to heal emotionally and physically. By the end of the 2013 fishing season, Kim, Chris’s girlfriend at the time, began to notice these fishing trips were actually helping Chris.

Chris knew he could help others by getting them out on the water. In the beginning Chris didn’t know how he could help or who he could help, but he knew he was on to something to befriend, support, and serve others. In 2014 Chris read an article about the emotional and physical suffering some of our military Heroes endure daily. Chris wanted to find a way to show his appreciation for their service and help relieve some of their struggles through fishing. Chris knew he wanted to take these Heroes to Lake of The Woods because of the magic this part of the world offers. Because of his this injury, he was now helping others. Chris’s injury actually changed his life for the better.

2015: Time On The Water becomes a 501©3 Non Profit!

Eventually Chris recognized our First Responders were also experiencing similar struggles and could benefit from these fishing trips. Many times our First Responders are also Veterans.

It is an honor to take these Heroes fishing to the GREATEST LAKE IN THE WORLD to help them settle their thoughts, relieve stress, anxiety, and show them how much we appreciate what they do and have done for our county and our communities.

In addition to donations, Chris relies on his Real Estate business to fund these fishing trips. Chris is a Licensed Realtor with Lakes Area Realty in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Chris is also a “Homes for Heroes” affiliate in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. “Homes for Heroes” offers home buying and selling benefits to our Heroes. As a “Homes for Heroes” affiliate, Chris shares back 25 percent of his commission with these Heroes as a Thank You.